Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hot off the Press! Beckham on the Move???

BECKHAM TO PSG?This is from only the most rock-solid of sources.

Apparently Paris Saint-Germain are close to agreeing a deal to bring David Beckham back to Europe, and how do we know this? Well, it's from a nameless 'club insider', who told La Parisien, which is translated by the Metro. Like we said, rock-solid.

Anyway, when questioned about the deal this 'club insider' apparently said: "The deal should be completed very quickly."

The deal is said to be over 18-months, and worth around £3.8million a year.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Barcelona - Barcelona - Barcelona!
Josep Guardiola, Barcelona has the best football club in Spain in recent seasons. Real Madrid were on top of the stack, but in recent seasons have not seen the connection in Madrid and Barcelona have won. Barcelona is currently leading the Spanish league, ahead of Real Madrid. Barcelona won much praise for the way they play the game, the "nice way". With Xavi and Iniesta in the heart of midfield for Barcelona, ​​they have two of the best passers in the game and they are the heart of the side Barcelona.
Xavi and Iniesta have been phenomenal this season, but as always there is a man in Barcelona ​​which still runs the show, Lionel Messi, rampant goal scoring again this season with a phenomenal record. Lionel Messi is one of the best players in the world and perhaps the best of that era. His ability to keep the ball away from defenders and open defenses with his dribbling has the public on the edge of their seats throughout the match. Words can not describe how good Messi and his sensational form this season has been successful in Barcelona this season, at the national level in La Liga and the Champions League. Lionel Messi not only was the extraordinary form, but the recent acquisition of David Villa this season, many goals in saw the threat of attack from Barcelona prove too much for the other this season.
Not only does it help to have two strikers who can create a goal out of nothing, but they have a midfield, working tirelessly at the ball which makes it very easy for Barcelona to defend, as shown in last 4 - 3 total victory over Arsenal in the Champions League. Again, they are favorites to win the Champions League despite being knocked out last year with Inter Milan, Barcelona, ​​Arsenal swept the Camp Nou and look invincible at home in the competition.
Barcelona's attacking style and ability to keep the ball in all circumstances, any amount of pressure is the most important feature in their success. Puyol is a leader in the back of Barcelona and he has been playing supperb through his 2010 injury, Barca still seem to be a firm and confident defense, emphasizing Guardiola's team has become a Spain's best football team.
Barcelona has seven regular Spanish international who won the European Championship (2008) and the World Cup (2010) in a row to dominate the national competitions. These seven Internationals including: Puyol, Piqué, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Pedro, Dani Alves disposed, Messi, Eric Abidal and replace the Spanish goalkeeper Victor Valdes, you will inevitably have a team that is pretty close to perfect.
Real Madrid
Despite the dominance of Barcelona, ​​Barcelona Real Madrid ran about a great team and have their own superstars which consists of the worlds comes at a high price. Cristiano Ronaldo was signed for 80 million pounds, Kaka was bought by £ 50 million and Benzema was 30 million pounds. Oh, and along with the signatures of Mesut Ozil, Sami Khedira, Angel Di Maria and Xabi Alonso. This September the team has stuck with Iker Casillas, Pepe, Marcelo and Sergio Ramos, it is obvious that you have a team with the ability of abundance.
Although the list of the superstars of Real Madrid, has at its disposal, Real Madrid has yet to really explode this season, but still have a good chance of winning the treble this season. This statement sums up to Real Madrid this season, despite not playing the full potential of continuous, are still in the competition three major trophies a club that is scary to compete against them.
Jose Mourinho is in his first season at Real Madrid and his first in Spain. He has a great camera to come in the form of Lyon in the last 16 of the Champions League, which surprisingly, were eliminated at this stage of the competition for six consecutive years, despite the strength of Real Madrid. Jose Mourinho's arrival at Real Madrid was fine with the Champions League in mind after winning the competition with Inter Milan last season.
Cristiano Ronaldo, winner of the Champions League with Manchester United in 2010, wants to help lead the battle for Real Madrid since his arrival in Spain, was essential asset for the Galatians. He has won an average of 1 goal in every game for Real Madrid (53 goals in 55 games) is amazing to begin his career in Madrid.
Ronaldo ensemble has been reported by many soccer experts as the best in the world, Ronaldo's feet and the front end of a striker added a very good ability to score goals with his head. All these basic elements of your game to create a world class player.
Real Madrid has yet to gel with all world class players they have on the team but with an impact of Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid in full flight is a matter of time before players and fans come together as one becomes stronger side Real Madrid for use at the time of Zidane and Figo.
Manchester United
Just like Real Madrid, Manchester United is not the best of their superiors, and have not played to the level they did in previous seasons. Fortunately, not Manchester United, English Premier League team to maintain consistency, or can not compete with Manchester United's ability to grind the results. Manchester United is currently first in the English Premiership and the Champions League and also the FA Cup semi-finals. And this despite the performance of the season on average very wise high standards of Manchester United.
Many of Manchester United's success this season is down to Sir Alex Ferguson. Despite the fact that one of the lowest shares of Manchester United during his years at the club, he still has done wonders with them this season. He used Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes as effective this season for players who are in an age that is unable to compete competitive two times a week.
Wayne Rooney has seen his season strengthen, may be his hair transplant has given him inner strenght. Javier Hernandez has been crucial this season and scored important goals this season in what is his 2nd season in English football. Mexican striker signed for £ 7 million this season, scored 16 goals so far, is one of the signatures of the 2010/2011 season. Nani and Ryan Giggs were also in the unusual shape, this season has helped contribute to the achievements of Manchester United this season.
The quality of Manchester United in depth was also a good reason for their success this season. The English side have been hit with injuries this season, unfortunately, many of its top stars. Rio Ferdinand is back, also Chris Smalling has been nothing short of a revelation since the signing and is definitely one for the future.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

How We Fall In Love With Celebrities?

David Beckham's latest cutting hair, Badman Russell Brand, Paris Hilton's most recent attack of bad behavior - is impossible to turn on the television or open a newspaper without being bombarded with rumors, hearsay and the occasional celebrity reality. But why are we so fascinated by fame, to the point where we are more interested in the life of others as their friends and family?
Stories that would otherwise have no interest seems to grow in importance massive once the item is a pop star or a famous actor, "new lover John Smith" does not raise much interest, but replace "John Smith" for Jennifer Aniston or George Clooney, and suddenly it's a front-page news that everyone wants to read.
One of the reasons for our love affair with celebrities is that they always feel that their lives more interesting and eventful as ours. The celebrity of type 'A' list can have a private jet, several luxury properties desirable in several places in the world and has a garage full of sports cars, while he and other big names, and that is what is called " the high celebrity life, "which many people are fascinated by and aspire to.
But it also seems to be an element of jealousy involved, and therefore people magazines seem to delight in the misfortune of celebrities - pleased to acknowledge their bad taste in fashion, wrinkles or cosmetic surgery.
Celebrity culture occurs in many media, entertainment magazines, gossip rags, tabloids, TV interviews and radio shows, internet forums, and of course the daily dialogue with each other and at the same time modern communications have facilitated the spread of gossip is much bigger scale and faster than ever, a culture of celebrity worship has a long history.
Thousands of years ago, his reputation had been through the leadership, courage in battle, or sport performance. Some of the characters were the first Greek Olympic champions, and given the equivalent of today's red carpet treatment. TV was invented is far away, but the equivalent notoriety was achieved through the introduction of hymns to be written about famous poets, who has performed in their honor. Later in history, when the theater became a popular media players, and playwrights such as Shakespeare had a celebrity status of vehicles.
Much of the press is devoted to the cult of celebrity, and for the foreseeable future, it still seems to be the case that our love affair with gossip shows no sign of the end any time soon.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Messi is he the Best Footballer in the World, Here's the Proof?

If Lionel Messi is not the Greatest Footballer in the World Today, Who Is?

Click Here for Proof   Video Proof, Watch out its Magic!

This guy has to be The Best on the ground Footballer Ever, Bar None!

Tell me your favourite player, this may even be someone not known to the Open Market, he could be a player from a local team, or a Local Superstar in the Making, Just let me Know?

Lets build our very Dream Team??????? Could be Fun!

Messi and What Makes Soccer So Fantastic!

Soccer is the universal sport. For those who love what everyone outside the USA calls "football," there is no more beautiful game than the one played with one's feet.
What makes soccer so universally appealing that children in the remotest parts of the world know who Lionel Messi is? Well, let's take Messi as an example. The 5 foot 6 inch tall FA Barcelona forward is small, even by soccer standards. But Messi's diminutive size in no way diminishes his effectiveness on the field of play.
In fact, soccer is one of the few sports where smallness of stature can be an advantage, if it is accompanied by quickness, intelligence, vision, and extraordinary eye-foot coordination, which results in exceptional ball control and dribbling.
Messi possesses all these attributes. And because he does not look like a magnificent athlete, but like a regular guy, millions of regular guys, and gals, around the world can relate to him. He makes the sport more accessible to the average person. This average person can triumph on the field against larger athletes vicariously through Messi.
The simplicity of soccer, the fact that anyone can understand it almost instantly, makes it a sport for all people. The fact that the poorest children can play soccer even in the most dire places, makes it the king of sports for the poor and the rich alike.
Messi, who was born of humble origins in Rosario, Argentina, was recruited into the Barcelona cantera, or youth league system at a very young age. There, in Spain, he learned to harness his immense abilities and to use them for the benefit of his team at every level of play.
Though his home country of Argentina has not been able to win international championships with Messi at forward, his club team, Barcelona, has won three consecutive Spanish league (La Liga) titles and is being touted as one of the greatest teams of all time after having won the 2011 European Champions Cup after defeating Manchester United fairly easily.
But it is not the individual player that wins championships. If it were so, Argentina would be holding up the World Cup instead of Spain. And this is another reason why soccer is the greatest of all sports. Because the success of a "team" is contingent on the success of its players playing together as a team.
Human beings universally honor the idea of working together, of sacrificing together, for a common end. Many of Messi's teammates on Barcelona were members of La Roja, the Spanish national team and 2010 World Cup Champions. The teamwork fostered in FA Barcelona and by the other Spanish players that made up the Spain Soccer Team, provide the greatest recent example of how patience, sacrifice, and concentration, when practiced by a cohesive, single-minded, and unified group, can reach the greatest heights.
People around the world understand the greatest things are accomplished when people join together in a common cause. When people (i.e., athletes) accomplish this on the field of play, they can win championships! But championships are won outside the stadium as well, in the field of Life, where people of all colors, religions, economic and social levels working together can accomplish great things!
We all understand this, some of us more than others. And when we see it happening on the field, we are seeing what we admire most in athletes and in ourselves.
In the last several years no one has played soccer better that the Spanish National Team. The 2010 World and 2008 European champion Spaniards go for an unprecedented third consecutive major international trophy in the 2012 European Cup. Learn about the patented tiqui-taca style of play they have perfected and the promising youngsters coming up through the ranks.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=John_Vazquez

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Is Every (Football) Soccer Player Unique?

1960's - 2011 comparison (Pele)
We are in no doubt that Brazilian striker Pele was the best player of the 1960's. Pele and Maradona are the two players who are always mentioned when the common question is asked, 'Who was the best player to have ever lived?' Pele will often be the answer. So what was Pele like? Pele was a natural goal scorer, the Santos striker was incredibly athletic and his dribbling/balance combination was unstoppable for defenders. His ability to go past defenders at such speed and maintain such balance credited him with many goal scoring opportunities, which more likely than not Pele would score emphatically. Pele had technique, the passing ability of a central midfield maestro, the engine of a Marathon runner and the power of a steam train. His statistics are sensational, 1281 goals in 1363 games.
No one can live up to Pele's name; Manchester United's George Best in the 70's was a similar type of player to Pele but was more a winger than a forward. In the modern era, few have been compared to Pele but none have lived up to the reputation that Brazilian Pele possessed. Alexandre Pato of AC Milan was tipped to be the Pele of this era, but he has to yet to show any phenomenal form to even label him the one of the best strikers today let alone ever lived. Manchester United's Wayne Rooney is the closest of this decade that we have compared to Pele. Rooney possesses the same power and physique that Pele does, the same ability to pick out a 70 yard cross field ball and the same vision and technique. England striker Rooney just doesn't have same amount of pace that Pele did which combines with the factor that Rooney doesn't particularly go past players with skill and flair.
Wayne Rooney has scored goals that you wouldn't think were possible with the stunning volley against Newcastle and the recent potential goal of the season overhead against rivals Manchester City. Pele scored stunning goals in the 60's and 70's for Santos and Brazil, one 'nearly' goal that would've been one of the greatest goals of all time. His dummy against Uruguay that left the keeper for dead when the ball went one way and Pele went around the other way, but his shot off balance and on a tight angle just went wide.
1970's - 2011 comparison (Johann Cruyff)
Johann Cruyff was part of the Ajax side that inherited the 'total football' philosophy introduced by Dutch coach Rinul Michels. Former Barcelona and Ajax front man Johann Cruyff's style of play was influenced by the total football approach he conducted to his game. His natural position was centre forward but because of the tactical way the Ajax side played the game, he roamed around and ended up playing on the wing and central midfield more often than not. The Holland striker spent half of the 1970's at Barcelona for Rinus Michels, where he was crowned European Footballer of the Year at his time at Barcelona in consecutive years.
Cruyff was dubbed the 'Pythagoras in boots' because of his ability to pick out passes from angles that looked impossible. Not only did he have an eye for a pass but he had tremendous speed and his ability to accelerate away from defenders which was helped by the 'Cruyff turn' named after the Dutch maestro is still a turn associated with football 40 years later.
I don't think any striker could grace Cruyff's ability to play in multiple positions to maximum effect so I've chosen a playmaker and speed merchant who would grace Cruyff's technical and physical attributes to his game, Ryan Giggs. Both players in their prime had the ability to go past players with flair and tremendous pace creating goal scoring opportunities. Giggs isn't as prolific as Cruyff as a finisher but Giggs certainly lives up to the playmaking abilities that Cruyff possessed. Ryan Giggs in his prime was lightening over 5-10 yards and could maintain such frightening pace for 40-50 yards which he shared with Cruyff.
However as football has changed much over the years since Cruyff's successful days at Ajax and Barcelona, the style of play has changed and there aren't many similar type of players of Cruyff's calibre that could play naturally upfront and drop back deeper and still be extremely effective.
1980's - 2011 comparison (Diego Maradona)
Maradona or Messi? There is no doubt that of today's game, Lionel Messi is the nearest if not potential candidate to surpass Maradona's ability as a footballer. Former Barcelona striker Diego Maradona along with Pele is one of the best players to have ever graced this planet. He wasn't as clinical as Pele but taking nothing away from Maradona he still had a very good goal scoring record for club and country. The style of play on the ball for Maradona and Messi is identical. They both dribble with extreme pace and a very low centre of gravity; they both possess extreme dribbling skills with the ability to have 5-10 touches in the space of seconds to make it impossible for defenders to tackle. Many have questioned whether Lionel Messi could do what Maradona did at Napoli. Maradona won what is now the Italian 'serie A' with Napoli with what was a very average squad, Maradona being the pivotal part of the Napoli side and no doubt wouldn't have been title winners if Maradona wasn't on their books. Could Messi do a similar fate at Blackburn of the English Premiership, Udinese of the Italian Serie A? Many doubt whether Messi could.
In contrast Messi has achieved a lot more than Maradona at this age having already won the Spanish La Liga 4 times and Champions League 2 times. Messi is only 23, Maradona at 23 won the treble with Barcelona in 1983 and an Argentine title with Boca Juniors in 1981 but that was it. So Messi so far has had a better career on silverware success but Maradona's achievements at Napoli and on the international arena set him aside to Messi. Infamously, Maradona also has a World Cup to his name in 1986 which Maradona made his name.
There is no doubt that Barcelona winger Messi scores goals from all sorts of angles and all sorts of scintillating runs but Maradona's second goal against England in the 1986 World Cup has been regarded as the goal of the century by many people. Maradona travelled with the ball 60 metres and took on six English players in the process, rounded England goalkeeper Peter Shilton and scored from a tight angle to beat England 2-1 in the quarter finals of the 1986 World Cup which they went on to win. The ex-Napoli striker also scored the very controversial 'hand of god' goal in the same game which has been spoken about ever since. Messi hasn't really shined on the international stage and if he does, it might be what takes him past his boyhood hero's status.
1990's - 2011 comparison (Ronaldo)
He was a natural goal scorer of his era and by far the best striker in his generation for simply scoring goal after goal. Ronaldo played at the highest level through the 90's and early 00's, he represented PSV, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and AC Milan in an illustrious career that was disrupted by serious knee injuries.
Brazilian striker Ronaldo was a born goal scorer, he had the ability to go past players with his skill and power but defiantly his threat was in the box. He scored 62 goals in just under 100 appearances for Brazil and has been voted Brazil's best ever striker since Pele by numerous judging panels. Former Real Madrid striker Ronaldo was indestructible, if he got in the box it was inevitable he was going to score.
As Ronaldo has still being playing till quite recent, there hasn't been long for anyone to potentially replace Ronaldo's prowess for being a known goal scorer. However, there a few players that this season in world Football has started to develop their reputation. Javier Hernandez of Manchester United is one striker that could have the potential to live up to Ronaldo's abilities in front of goal. He already has 16 goals for Manchester United in his first season and is a predator in the box similarly to Ronaldo. It's doubtful whether Mexican forward Hernandez will have the impact on world football that Ronaldo did, but the Mexican is a very similar striker to what Ronaldo was in his prime.
Barcelona's David Villa is another striker who is known for his potential in the box. Spanish hit man David Villa has earned his trade at Valencia for several years and finally sealed a move to Barcelona where he already has 21 goals to his name. Villa has also lived up to Ronaldo's international reputation, having already won the European Championships in 2008 and the World Cup in 2010 with Spain being a key member of the winning side in both tournaments with his contribution of goals.
2000's - 2011 comparison (Zidane)
One of the most gifted players of this century was French midfielder and former Juventus/Bordeaux midfielder Zidane. One of the most natural players at playing the game, Zidane glided through the game in a nonchalant manner that saw him one of footballs most composed players ever to have graced the game. An out and out central midfielder, Zidane possessed a goal scoring ability from midfield and also the ability to craft out magic in midfield to launch attacks for his side.
Zidane joined Real Madrid from Juventus in 2001 for a world record fee at the time of around 50 million pounds. Zidane enjoyed success in Real Madrid, winning the Champions League and the Spanish La Liga in his 6 years at the club. Not to mention becoming a World cup winner with France in 1998 and a runner up in 2006. Zidane was a tall, strong midfielder at 6'1 he was no fool at defending and wasn't afraid to challenge for an aerial battle but Zidane came alive in the attacking half and his deft touches on the ball and he seemed to have eyes in the back of his head at times with his awareness of space around him.
Not many footballers have composure as a skill to their game because of the extreme amounts of pressure footballers are put under and now with all the money at stake. However, Manchester United's Dimitar Berbatov is one of very few footballers that possess superb composure on the ball which is a very gracious skill to have. Bulgarian striker Berbatov and French midfielder Zidane also share the same style of control and first touch, with Berbatov having one of the greatest techniques in the world today similarly to Zidane in his prime. Although ex-Tottenham striker Berbatov is an out and out forward and Zidane never played upfront, the abilities they both have are very similar. Even their mental approaches are very alike, both are very quiet and don't particularly talk much when competing competitively. Both have tremendous control on the ball, both have the ability to go past players with the skill on the ball rather than speed or strength.
Great players are easy to come by; it's the magical players that are hard to come by. Who's going to replace Barcelona's Messi's or Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo's of today's game in a few years? Football has the ability to produce stars to show on the world stage which is what makes football such an amazing sport to watch.
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Is David Beckham Getting Paid Too Much?

This post is a sort of a continuation on my article about soccer's most valuable clubs. I thought it would be appropriate to showcase the most well paid sporting athlete in the world, David Beckham. (According to Si.com). In this article, I'll briefly comb through the details of his contract, expose the common misconception regarding his "record breaking" deal, and offer my 2 cents on whether or not he'll make as big of an impact as the MLS are banking on.
Beckham, the former England captain, has been given the responsibility of putting a foot in the door that leads to American soccer interest. Obviously, for anything to become popular in America, substantial amounts of money have to be involved. According to the past year's gossip on his astronomical salary, the question now becomes:
Is he getting paid too much?
The Answer: Absolutely not.
The Facts
A common misconception concerning the contract of David Beckham is exactly how much he receives. A Sports Illustrated writer Jen Chang breaks down the phrase, "$250 million in salary and commercial endorsements", here:

AP reported that the Galaxy, citing industry experts, said the Beckham deal "is worth more than $250 million in salary and commercial endorsements." The key phrase to note here are the words "commercial endorsements" and not the word "salary." It's actually more an estimate of what people think he could potentially earn as opposed to what he will receive annually in paychecks from MLS and the Galaxy.

Very clever business PR move. By stating potential monumental earnings, they create a buzz about it. This ultimately adds even more value to the Beckham profile.
He goes on to explain that the actual amount of salary dollars David receives is nothing compared to the colossal "$250 million" figure that people like to talk about.
Although the specifics of his salary aren't officially published, trusted sources say his salary is definitely in the single-digit millions.
So where does the rest of the hundreds of millions come from?

  • Adidas is reportedly paying a few million for part of the jersey rights (which they manufacture).
  • Beckham is said to be receiving half of the revenue from Galaxy jersey sales.
  • Undisclosed percentage of ticket sales
  • Endorsement clauses and legal mumbo-jumbo entitling him to the possibility of earning the $250 million difference.

My 2 Cents
Do I think Beckham is getting paid too much? No way. When you break it down and push aside the corporate interpretation of his contract, you'll notice his salary isn't that much different than a lot of other global soccer stars. He's the one responsible for the biggest increase in the value of Major League Soccer. I think he deserves a salary comparable to the work required for adding value to the pre-Beckham, struggling MLS.
Do I think Beckham can make as big of an impact as the MLS are hoping for? Absolutely. Being a Southern California resident, I've been able to witness the mass hysteria and obsession involved with the celebrity scene. It doesn't get much more celebrity than David Beckham. He's the spark that will ignite the footy-wildfire that will eventually spread from coast to coast. He already has made quite an impact. The year or so he's been here, ticket sales skyrocketed and jersey sales saw a huge boost.
Will it happen soon? Nope . Creating and molding the soccer brand in America will take some time. The economic room available for another major sport in the United States is limited, so the MLS will have a tough task creating elbow room. However, it's not impossible, by any means.
Beckham's arrival has been a huge step forward, but there is still much work to be done. The league still needs more high-profile players from overseas, and the ODP needs to crank out more youth talent to build the national team's reputation.
Rest assured my American soccer-savvy comrades, the light is at the end of the tunnel. Even if we can't see it yet.
Erik S. - Publisher - http://thatsoccerthing.com/
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Erik_Schneider