Wednesday, 14 September 2011

World Football Super Stars

Wayne Rooney!
Man United striker Wayne Rooney will be looking to translate his rampant form into Champions League goals. The England forward has scored back-to-back hat-tricks in Premier League games, the latest coming in Saturday's 5-0 thrashing of Bolton Wanderers.
Benfica coach Jorge Jesus said Rooney is at the height of his career and by far "the best English player." He compared his style and flair more to that of a "Italian or Spanish," player more than an English one.
"I think that Rooney at this point in time is at the height of his career, by far the best English player. I think as a player he has little Englishness in him, he has more of a mix of Brazil, Latin, Portuguese, Italian or Spanish more than English," he said.
Ferguson agreed that Rooney showed characteristics similar to some Latin players, like Pele, but that the similarities stopped there.
"If you look at Pele, for instance, who was a very aggressive attacker, also who could look after himself. So can Rooney. The similarities that way are strength, speed, determination," Ferguson said.

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