Monday, 19 September 2011

Torres, is he the Worst Flop Ever???????

Fernando Torres produced has to be a contender for the season's worst miss, he failed to find an open net in Chelsea's defeat to Manchester United.

Torres, signed for £50 million from Liverpool in Chelsea, scored a fantastic goal shortly after half-time, latching onto Nicolas Anelka's pass and chipping David De Gea.
But through on goal again later in the half, the Spainish striker rounded the goalkeeper brilliantly, only to then miss the open goal.
Torres was defended by Andre Villas Boas, who said: "You have to be fair. Today two of the best strikers in the world missed crazy chances.
"It happened to Fernando and [Wayne] Rooney. It is nothing dramatic. Sometimes the ball goes in. It didn't fall on our side, normally it is 3-2. At this point it might have given us a mental edge for the last 10 minutes.
"We would have been completely exposed at the back but we would have taken the risk to try and get a draw. It just didn't happen."

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