Sunday, 25 September 2011

How We Fall In Love With Celebrities?

David Beckham's latest cutting hair, Badman Russell Brand, Paris Hilton's most recent attack of bad behavior - is impossible to turn on the television or open a newspaper without being bombarded with rumors, hearsay and the occasional celebrity reality. But why are we so fascinated by fame, to the point where we are more interested in the life of others as their friends and family?
Stories that would otherwise have no interest seems to grow in importance massive once the item is a pop star or a famous actor, "new lover John Smith" does not raise much interest, but replace "John Smith" for Jennifer Aniston or George Clooney, and suddenly it's a front-page news that everyone wants to read.
One of the reasons for our love affair with celebrities is that they always feel that their lives more interesting and eventful as ours. The celebrity of type 'A' list can have a private jet, several luxury properties desirable in several places in the world and has a garage full of sports cars, while he and other big names, and that is what is called " the high celebrity life, "which many people are fascinated by and aspire to.
But it also seems to be an element of jealousy involved, and therefore people magazines seem to delight in the misfortune of celebrities - pleased to acknowledge their bad taste in fashion, wrinkles or cosmetic surgery.
Celebrity culture occurs in many media, entertainment magazines, gossip rags, tabloids, TV interviews and radio shows, internet forums, and of course the daily dialogue with each other and at the same time modern communications have facilitated the spread of gossip is much bigger scale and faster than ever, a culture of celebrity worship has a long history.
Thousands of years ago, his reputation had been through the leadership, courage in battle, or sport performance. Some of the characters were the first Greek Olympic champions, and given the equivalent of today's red carpet treatment. TV was invented is far away, but the equivalent notoriety was achieved through the introduction of hymns to be written about famous poets, who has performed in their honor. Later in history, when the theater became a popular media players, and playwrights such as Shakespeare had a celebrity status of vehicles.
Much of the press is devoted to the cult of celebrity, and for the foreseeable future, it still seems to be the case that our love affair with gossip shows no sign of the end any time soon.

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